Who is Responsible???????


The owner/s or directors of the business are the main people that are responsible additionally the senior manager /supervisor on the site or their Agent is also responsible for the day to day Fire and Health and Safety and any training required. 

Are Fire Extinguisher required? too many questions.... Let us help you with those questions.



Is the landlord responsible ??


No not normally, unless some prior agreement is written into the lease, but this is very rare.

A premises is rented or leased  as a shell and the business whatever it may be inside has to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and lay it down on paper and make it available for the Council / Health and Safety Executive or the Fire Authority, for there inspection this will ascertain the risks and in accordance with BS 5306 will determiner the type / medium and the amount of fire equipment required this is even more prevalent for people are on a special licence - alcohol  petroleum / gas or chemical and explosive (these may have special requirements under this and additional specialist regulations dealing with these special risks .ie Boc regs for gas)


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